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A big family - Friends -  Respect -  Committed members

Ladies on Wheels was created in 2013 with the goal of bringing together all the girls in Quebec who have a passion for cars and who own a car with some modifications.  

The stereotype is that men are more present in the automotive world and that it is a "guys business".


Ladies on Wheels is an organization that shows people that women belong in the automotive world just as much as men. The proof, we now have more than 1700 members.  Every year, we organize the LOWshow to bring together the most enthusiasts at an event organized by Ladies On Wheels. You will be able to see for yourself that each year we have more and more women on site!

If you want to join LOW, go to the Join LOW section and complete the form. Who knows, maybe next year you'll be in the picture too!




Now here is the management team behind the group of Ladies On Wheels;

Jessica Morin

President of Ladies On Wheels
Administrator of the Facebook page, merchandise and
  external relations

Car: BMW 135i 2011

Jennyfer Rousseau Milhomme

President of Ladies On Wheels
Facebook page administrator
  and member management

Car: Acura TL  2008

Marik Appleby

Administrator, designer  and photographer for Ladies On Wheels

Car: Honda Accord 2013

Stephanie Lacroix

Group member

Page administrator  instagram of

Ladies On Wheels

Car: BMW 325e 1985

Member Testimonials

Wondering if LOW is for you? You wonder what is this  could bring you to be in LOW?

Are you just curious to hear other girls' opinions on the band?

Below are some testimonials from girls who are in the group; members who have been with us since our beginnings in 2013  but also members who have just joined the group. Testimonials from  members who are more attracted to mechanics but also other testimonials from members who are more attracted to aesthetic modifications.

Respect between members is essential for us  and this, little  it doesn't matter what kind of car the members have. We agree that not everyone has  the same tastes, the same priorities and the same budget and that is why we do not accept any lack of respect within the group.  

Sasha-Kloé Pelletier - The Guardian Angel  - Member #1264



I am a new member of the LOW family since April!

For me LOW is a big family that helps and encourages each other. This family brings together all the girls from Quebec who are passionate about one thing; Anything that has a motor and runs! It's a passion that is truly magical since it touches a lot of people all over the world!

One would say that at the wheel of a motorized machine one is transported elsewhere. We are all alone with the sound of the engine rocking us.


Unfortunately everything related to mechanics is considered to be for  guys... LOW allows us to really get out of this prejudice and show ourselves! I was afraid... afraid of the gaze of others saying that I like modified cars and mechanics! LOW it allowed me to get out of this thought!

Yes I am a “tank” girl but above all, a LOW girl and I am proud to say it loud and clear. 🥰


Carolane Laniel-  Dunedin New Zealand - Member # 117


I  am a car fan  since I am young!  I've been drifting since  9 years old and I have had my s14 for 8 years. I rode it  from scratch with my ex. I am a mechanic  industry and I work as an engineer  manufacturer in New Zealand, since I moved there  3 years ago.

I just started my new job in a body shop  and preparation  from  tank and painting but I have my welding section.


So for me, Caro Laniel,  LOW is a big family and I've known a lot  friends with LOW  that I love.

LOW rules mf!

- Chicken laniel with race

Carolane Laniel 1.jpg
Carolane Laniel 2.jpg

Sarat Levesque - Quebec - Member #017



I am a low #17 member. We agree that I've been in the band for a while. The girls I've bonded with have become much more than tank meet friends. I spent evenings at her house, some came to sleep at my house, we went to music shows. For some, I even went to their showers. They are confidantes and excellent friends. I feel really blessed to have met them and grateful. Without the creation of the group, I don't see myself how I could have met them. Now these are girls that I wouldn't do without. There are some girls I already knew, but our bond has only grown and solidified. I really love them all. Even if sometimes, the passion is no longer so present, that priorities change or that we see each other a few times a year, we are always very happy to hug each other.  


Thank you very much for being on my way. I love you with a sincere love ❤️


Kim Tétrault - St-Jude - Member #222

Hello !!!  

Having studies in auto mechanics & parts sales,  

I work as a parts clerk in a heavy vehicle dealership, Kenworth maska.   From a very young age, motors have attracted me.  My tank is a 98 turbo prelude that I started from nothing with.

My exploits with this tank? Going to the 2020 Montreal International Auto Show (see photo).  After almost 9 years of work I was able to realize a dream.  My tank is more than show n shine, I took it on the quarter mile and it drives almost every sunny day to go to work! (Except this year, I'm on maternity leave lol).  LOW made me meet great people. Some have become my best friends & without LOW, I wouldn't have known them.  LOW brought me my first tank friends, but also my first trophy. I will never forget this moment, it is etched in my memory.   



Tammy-Lee Corbeil - Saint-Eustache  - Member #452

Ladies On Wheels is for me a family of which I have been a part for 5 years.


A group in which we women can live out our passion;  tanks. We are proud to be identified with our LOW logos and to represent our group both on the road and on our tracks.


Fueled by adrenaline, I started street drag as a junior dragster at the age of 15. At 17 I boarded a dragster traveling 7.94 seconds over the ¼ mile. Here I am now in a 1987 corvette in the semi-pro class, clocking 8.74 seconds over the ¼ mile.


- Tammy Lee

Judy Ménard-Goudreault - Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu - Member #775


What if I told you that thanks to the LOW family, I was able to develop my passion to its full potential without shame or fear of judgment. When I talk about passion, I'm obviously talking about cars.

Very young I was attracted to them and I grew up in the aesthetic field with my father. But I had a relatively turbulent life that always blocked me from moving forward and achieving my dreams...Today, without shame, I am able to say loud and clear that thanks to you, I was able to evolve and get to where I am today.

The new encounters within the carscene and the new friendships have helped me develop confidence in silk and get me out of my heavy depression. Meetings and events have helped me socialize with people who have encouraged and helped me throughout my journey.

What if I told you that I used a lot of drugs, that I was doing badly and that I was about to let go of everything in my life but I received an e-mail telling me that I was accepted among you?

What if I told you that you moms, by accepting me like this, you have changed me. You changed my life and made me struggle with drugs to achieve my goals and dreams. What if I told you that for me, Ladies On Wheels is more than that... It's everything for me.

Thanks to the gurls and all the wonderful encounters for empowering me to change things and come to terms with who I really was and for showing me how to show what I was worth as a woman in a world of men. Thanks to you, today I come out as a fighter and I won my battle against my demons, my car became my life, friendships were forged and some became  members of my family.

Today, I finally realize my aesthetic dreams and thanks to my new encounters, I evolve, like my car, within the automotive world.


Sarah-Marie Blais  Three-River -  Member #891

Ladies On Wheels.

I'm so proud! Yes of my car and all the work behind the transformation (I can't wait to have my car laaa), but above all, I'm proud to be where I am today. Since 2016 that I follow the crew, I participate in the LOWshow since 2017 thanks to my longtime friend and I represent the crew with love ever since.

I am proud to have been able to finally buy my car in 2018 without debt and to have finally become a true LOW #891 member. I am proud of the road traveled, of my determination and above all, of never having given up even in the most difficult times when I never thought my dream would come true!

LOW allowed me to get to know new girls, friends, passionate people, it's my home group where we can share with girls.

I am an ordinary girl who studies social work but loves to learn. I've learned so much this winter stripping and reassembling my entire car and I think that's worth gold.

My passion for the automobile grows from year to year and LOW allows me to have more confidence in myself and allows me to express this passion there.


- Sarah Marie

Joannie Belanger  - Venice in Quebec  - Member # 828

Hi, my name is Joannie!!!

Ladies On Wheels for me it is pride is like having a small dream come true!

I would say that I categorize myself as a girl who loves mechanics! I really enjoy working with my husband on our cars. He taught me a lot of things and every day, we learn more!

Thanks to the group I have more courage and I realize that there are many girls who like tanks. We are not alone with our hobby/hobbies.


Here is a photo of my project to realize at home, with my boyfriend as a guide, I have enough to be proud!

- Joannie

Sarah Rossignol - Saint-Julie  - Member # 1241

Personally,  barely a year ago, I had  no knowledge of car mechanics, I had a 2004 toyota echo but I was looking for more than just a student babe! Nobody believed in me to have a nice car that fits into a tight budget!  


And one day a year ago I met a  good friend who made me discover all the joys of automobile mechanics, and how it can be a real passion. He introduced me  his friends who also have a passion  for cars. I fell in love with cars and all the possibilities!! I, too, wanted to be part of their group. Now, I do mechanical contracts with them, as if I were their little sister!


4 months ago, when I was seriously ill, my friend  wrote to me saying that he trusted me completely to buy his pickup, which I had been watching since I met him, well I bought the pickup! My pickup!! Now I can say that I have my own “project truck”:-))


By being part of Ladies On Wheels, I can show my guy friends that even a wooden girl can love cars and mechanics!


Mercédès Béland-Gariépy - Saint-Calixte  - Member #1140

Thanks to the LOW family, I can learn more and share the passion for automobiles that my father transmitted to me.  I will be able to continue to pay tribute to him with my vehicle at every LOW event and meet that there will be in the future.


Mélissa Plouffe - Laval - Member #1333


My name is Mélissa Plouffe, I'm 19 years old and I've been a new member since June 4, 2020.

I don't know a lot about them mechanically but I would REALLY like to learn more about tanks... I'm a girl who likes  much more work on the side  aesthetic. I LOVE giving my tanks a makeover by modifying them on the look side. Although I'm not the best  mechanical side, I still have projects to come!

I am a girl who takes GREAT care of her cars. I have for around 1000$-1500$ even maybe more products and accessories to wash my tanks. I can spend more
  5 hours on my car without ever getting bored. It's necessary   that she SHINE  and that  be perfect!!

I haven't made any friends yet because I haven't been a member for very long, but I'm 100% sure that it will be super easy to make great friendships with this win!

- Melissa

Janie Calvé - Ste-Agathe-des-Monts - Member #107

At 16, I had my first 4-barrel trans-am as well as my first sport bike.

When I started in tuning, in 2001,  I was able to go lapping and meet a family. I worked at the autodrome and Pont-Rouge with Mr. Lebel directly at the starting line.  I remember, 37 weeks pregnant, the burnout of the Nova in Lefebvre and my baby jumping into my belly!

The bus scene has changed, but the LOWs have kept the sense of family that everyone is looking for.


When I fell ill, the LOWs were there to support me and spoiled me. Already  6 years with this beautiful family that remains united and evolves over the years.  This family allowed me to make new friends and to be godmother to a LOW baby.


At 40, I share this passion with my son, who likes it just as much with his own car...obviously modified.

- Jane

Amélie Martineau - Victoriaville - Member #1310


I'm a new LOW member!


I work in car bodywork, passionate about everything that has an engine and 4 wheels. I wanted to be part of your group because you are family and that's what I'm looking for!!


Thanks again for including me in your club! 🤟  


Sharon Fregeau-Verville - Ferme-Neuve  - Member #758

I like that LOW is a passionate gang, but also a standing gang!


I've had  for a long time the impression of not being in the gang, of not being up to the task... The girls proved to me  opposite. The girls proved to me  little  Doesn't matter what vehicle I drive  wherever I ride, whether it's my ikea civic or my big truck, she always encourages me to push myself. They are always there  when i need advice  or that I want to drop everything because we are  a family.

Looking forward to seeing you in the events as soon as my little drag ikea is going to roll!


Jessie Chaps - Montreal  - Member  #1185

I'm a bodybuilder, I built my Cadillac in 6 years and my Civic in 2 years! I like racing, motorcycling and cars. Basically,  I love anything that smells of gas!!

Ladies On Wheels saved my life, it allowed me to meet my girlfriend who became the love of my life, buy a motocross and start racing again. I also have a modified Jaguar  and one  modified pickup! Yep, not having been in LOW all that wouldn't have happened!  I first encountered  friends in Ladies  who have me  out of the bottom of the barrel.


My story represents a bit of what LOW has done for me both for car modification and for my well-being!  

- Jesse

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