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You have now reached the section to become an official member of the Ladies On Wheels group!

In order to join  to  group as a member, we ask you to fill in the form  below.  

In addition, before completing the form, please read the information carefully. 

What does it mean to be an official member of LOW?

When you become  member  from Ladies On Wheels,  the most rule  important  is MUTUAL RESPECT. We do not accept any form of disrespect within the group and between LOW members.


In addition, we ask for a presence  mandatory  at our event, the LOW show presented once a year.

There is no cost to be a member of Ladies On Wheels. However, we greatly appreciate when members represent us  with our promotional items that are available in the shop section of our site.*

*NB. We will not accept any reproduction of our articles. 

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What are the criteria to become an official member of Ladies On Wheels?


To be a member of the Ladies On Wheels family, you must have a car with some modifications (aesthetics and/or performance).

We require a minimum of 2
  "major" modifications to be accepted as a member (suspension / performance piece  /mags etc).

Each request is checked by the administrators who make a joint decision on the acceptance of your request.

Unfortunately, due to the great demand, we now have to refuse applications from girls who do not have enough modifications on their car.

Why was my application rejected when I see photos on the member group without edits?

We receive  regularly  messages asking  why a  candidacy has been  Refused  while  some group members  have cars without modifications.  Here are some explanations;

  • Ladies On Wheels is a big  family,  when a member is part of the group, she can stay there even if she changes car  (this sometimes explains the unmodified cars in the group).

  • During  of  our  beginnings,  he  not there  had  none  restriction  for  become  member  of  LOW  (this again explains the presence of unmodified cars).

  • When a future member  writes to us that she has a lot of changes coming, we prefer  wait to have the photos with the said  changes. 

For more information do not hesitate to write to us

In order for your application to be considered. Please send us beautiful photos, well framed and without filter, with your clean vehicle on which the modifications are installed.

Thank you for your understanding.


Thank you for what you sent !​ You should get an email response within the next 7-10 days. NB Don't forget to check your spam box or add as a contact.

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